Reflex Point

Covid-19 – pre-treatment questions, procedure & declaration

Please read prior to your Reflex Point appointment to save time when you arrive


1. Have you or anyone in your household had any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days:


Dry Cough

Fever/ high temperature

Loss of sense of taste or smell

Shortness of breath

Sore throat

Aches & pains

Nasal congestion




A rash on the skin

Discoloration of fingers & toes


If yes, please defer your appointment – you will NOT be charged a cancellation fee


2. Have you had Covid-19?

If yes, please seek consent from you GP before having a treatment.


3. Have you been in close contact with anyone with confirmed COVID 19 in the past 14 days or been contacted by the NHS Test & Trace service and told to self-isolate?

If yes, please defer your appointment – you will NOT be charged a cancellation fee


4. Are you classed as an extremely vulnerable person? (as per NHS letter)  High risk

If yes, please defer your appointment until the government indicates that it is safe to leave home or have visitors providing nonessential care – you will NOT be charged a cancellation fee.


5. Are you classed as a vulnerable person?   Moderate risk

If yes, please discuss with Sally (therapist) and take advice from your GP, Midwife or consultant

6. Have you, or anyone in your household, returned from travelling outside the UK in the past 14 days?

If yes, please defer your appointment – you will NOT be charged a cancellation fee





Reflex Point - New Procedure

I have carried out a full risk assessment & adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines produced by the government and my professional association, the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).

  • Please attend your appointment on your own (Unaccompanied)

  • Limit personal belongings

  • Upon arrival you will be asked to use hand sanitiser

  • Contactless payment is available now but if you prefer to pay by cash or bank transfer that is fine.

  • If you experience any Covid-19 symptoms after your appointment please contact me immediately

I will...

  • Check I am in good health before you arrive for treatment.

  • Wash my hands or use hand sanitiser before treatment.

  • Follow guidelines on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Disinfect non-porous materials, e.g. massage couch, washable pillows and equipment.

  • Wash porous materials e.g. pillowcases and towels.

  • Ventilate the treatment room.

  • Change my tunic between clients

  • Wear durable, disposable gloves when cleaning the premises.

  • Maintain social distancing before and after the treatment.

Prior to your treatment you will be asked to...

  • Complete a short COVID-19 pre-treatment form.

  • Contact your therapist and re-schedule if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, or if any person in your household is self-isolating – you will NOT be charged a cancellation fee

At your treatment:

  • Bring a bottle of water for your refreshment.

  • Arrive at the agreed time and ensure social distancing before and after the treatment.

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser upon arrival.

  • Follow guidelines on the use of PPE. FROM 8/8/20 IT WILL BE MANDATORY FOR CLIENTS  TO WEAR A FACE COVERING

  • Pay by card or other cashless method, where possible.

Information from: HM Government 31/07/20: Keeping workers and clients safe during COVID-19 in close contact services. COVID-19 secure guidance for employers, employees and the self-employed​

The therapist needs to wear a clear visor that covers  the face and provides a barrier between the wearer and the client. From 14/08/20 the therapist must wear a type II face mask also. From 08/08/20  it became mandatory for clients to wear a mask or face covering, when the practitioner is wearing a visor & face mask. The most effective methods of preventing the transmission of COVID-19 are still social distancing and regular handwashing. These steps must still be followed as much as possible, even when practitioners are wearing protective equipment



Reflex Point (to be signed at appointment)

Declaration - I have read & understood the pre-treatment questions & procedure

I have answered ‘no’ to the pre-treatment questions and currently have no symptoms stated.

I understand that the World Health Organisation has declared COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic and is extremely contagious and can spread from person to person.

I have read & understood the pre-treatment questions & procedure & I am happy to follow social distancing measures set out by Reflex Point at my appointment to minimise risk and take the precautions needed.

I understand that Sally Cockerill is closely monitoring the COVID 19 situation and has put in place reasonable preventative measures aimed at reducing the risk, however given the nature of the virus I understand that there is a risk of becoming infected with COVID 19.

By proceeding with my treatment, I hereby acknowledge and accept the risk of becoming infected with COVID-19 through this elective treatment and I give my permission to proceed.

I also understand that in the event of Sally Cockerill or myself testing positive from COVID-19 Sally Cockerill may give my name, contact information and treatment details to the NHS Test & Trace service

Name…………………………………………………………..   Signed………………………………………………………….